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Space bags creates more closet space

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When it comes to storage there never seems to be enough space, cardboard boxes and plastic bins take up to much space. There is a solution; space bags create more closet space by letting you store things someplace else.

They are air tight and water proof, so your items stay protected, which means you could store them under the bed, in the basement, or in the garage knowing there safe.

Just pack the items in the space bags; seal the patterned water type zipper then take any type vacuum with a hose and vacuum out the air. Your items will stay compress and protected and later when you need it, every thing comes right back to life as fresh and clean as the day you put it in.

There see-though and storage system has never been easier. And unlike plastic bags space bags is made of nylon that’s guaranteed to lock out dirt, bugs, and moisture, plus you can use them over and over again.

For things like moving, dorm room and seasonal items, there is a space bag for every need in your house, for your bulky bedding to smaller items that can be stored in drawers; these bags are smart solution for cramp closets.

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